The powerful Narkomafia rules Central and South America, it is one of the greatest opponents to the anti-drugs organization, the DEA.

In this new third person tactical action game, you play the role of a DEA Special Agent, facing your greatest enemy; you will need to use all your skill and cunning to achieve victory against these high odds.

Became El Matador!

Be a man who will enforce law in a country where the weak ones bow to hard fist of the Narkomafia and the strong ones don't keep their last shot for themselves.


  • 15 high-detailed locations set in South America modeled from real environments found in that region.

  • New original environments and enemies - agents from the DEA organization stand against drug syndicates from South America and their biggest bosses.

  • Tactical combat, stealth moves and hand-to-hand combat against the dangerous killers and members of organized crime.

  • El Matador combines atmosphere, action and sneaking tension from the best games in this genre. The game will pull in the player into the absorbing story of corruption, revenge and ultimate justice.