Echelon: Wind Warriors is a game simulating warfare in the distant future. There is a war going on between on between government troops of one-member planets of the Galactic Federation and the invasion force from one of the lost colonies.

The War is being fought, with both sides deploying a large variety of military hardware - heavily armed combat aircraft, as well as surface war machines designed for a variety of military purposes, offering different capabilities and using unique combat techniques.

You are a pilot, Jason "Wolf" Scott in the government air force defending your planet from the aggressor: A Rookie pilot absolutely loyal to the Federation.

Unlike with many other simulators, the action in Echelon Wind Warriors takes place not in space or high up in the Earth's atmosphere, but very close to the earth's surface over huge plains, among mountains and in canyons where the battle arena is often reduced to tens of meters.


Spectacular 3D graphics allow for highly realistic environments and photo realistic landscapes, detailed building and vehicle models, and special effects such as dust, particle, and lighting effects.

Continent sized game environments feature more than 250 different types of vehicles and structures deployed on a massive scale.

Powerful command-and-control function that allows you to call in other craft, ground units (NEW!) and anti-aircraft (NEW!) for support in completing mission objectives.

Craft are equally easily joystick and mouse controllable - thanks to the innovative "Echelon-style" mouse control mode.

NEW single player campaign featuring more than 40 well-balanced missions.

NEW playable and non-playable units.

NEW types of weaponry including the deadliest plasma rockets.

NEW and elaborated system of multiplayer mode will include dedicated server support, new multiplayer arenas, chat and many more.