Earth 2160 is the official sequel of the award winning Earth series, Earth 2140 and Earth 2150. Since the destruction of Earth in 2150 AD, the last surviving humans have colonised the 'Red Planet' of Mars. Splitting into three distinct fractions, the human race has continued to grow and evolve, but old animosities never die, and with the introduction of a hostile alien race, mankind is once again on the brink of war.


  • 4 playable parties with different basic technologies and abilities. Each party consists of more than 13 basic buildings and more than 13 basic units.

  • 4 single player campaigns, each with 7 missions.

  • Skirmish mode with 10 maps, 4 Multiplayer modes with 10 maps.

  • Modular Unit construction system. Each unit can be created from modular parts: chassis, armour, engine, boosters, cannons (up to 8 cannons), shield generator and modulation of particle weapons and shields. The number of different unit configurations is uncountable.

  • Realistic, formable multiple textured terrain.

  • 12 virtual agents. These special characters have strong personalities and a great influence on the game. Each agent has special abilities. There are 20 ability categories for the agents.

  • Multiplayer matches for up to 8 players per match. Save game available in multiplayer, with the possibility to connect to a running game.