Dyson Sphere Program is a sci-fi simulation game with space, adventure, exploration and factory automation elements. In the distant future, human science and technology have stepped into a new stage. Virtual reality has replaced the current concept of space and time, and the power of science has brought rapid development. Human has created a supercomputer. They expect its powerful computing capability to further expand and develop the virtual worlds.

As a player, you joined a project launched by COSMO, a space management alliance, code-named Dyson Sphere Program. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a Dyson Sphere to provide continuous and stable energy for the supercomputer.

In the game, you will manage the factory construction and all the resources. During the development of a new planet, you will encounter many unexpected problems. Hey! You know that everything could happen in the galaxy. However, your creativity and imagination will help you achieve this grand final goal, and the entire galaxy will become the cornerstone of human civilization under your plan.

You could continuously unlock new technology and build your customized Dyson Sphere step by step;
You should optimize your production line to make your work more efficient´╝Ť
Perhaps, you can set up your own interstellar logistics system to connect a huge industrial empire;
Or, you will like to explore the whole universe, discover the hidden treasure.
To infinity... and beyond!

  • System generated star map, each run will be a unique universe.
  • Build the Dyson Sphere from a more microscopic way, start the construction from the first screw.
  • Various types of cosmic elements including neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants and black holes.
  • Self-designed automated production factory to transport materials across the galaxy.
  • A variety of customizable settings to create your own Dyson Sphere.
  • Spherical surface, bringing players a real planet building experience.

In the game, you can transport resources between facilities through conveyor belts. In this way, you can establish the most efficient assembly line and let the technology evolve automatically. At the same time, the building will automatically fit the grid during the construction process. Players could use this function to automatically align the buildings when they are laying the production line. This will greatly improve the efficiency of construction and help to form a large-scale automated production line.

In the game, players will not only be able to transport materials on their own planet. You can form your interstellar transport team, transferring your need from another planet, and gathering recourses from the entire universe to quickly develop your own planet.

At the beginning of each run, a new star map will be randomly generated with different planet types and minerals distribution. The landform of each planet is also completely unique. You are welcome to create your own Dyson Sphere Program in this ever-changing universe.

You will encounter various planets and celestial phenomena in this game. Such as neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants and gaseous planets. The corona, polar day and polar night could also be seen here.

We are a five-person team from Chongqing, China. For the love of sci-fi, we've created this game Dyson Sphere Program. Perhaps Dyson Sphere has already appeared in many games, but this time we hope that players can build it step by step with your own hands.