You have a small amount of funds and a little rented place in one of the richest trading city.
If you are a Dwarf, you will open your forge! A new war is coming, new mines are discovered every month and of course Dwarven arms have world-famous?
But it's not as easy as you think...

Main features:
- Crafting and enchanting items.
- Hiring and manage workers.
- Trade your goods on the market.
- Collect sets, gems and other precious items.
- Equip your best items and fight in arena for the honor of your forge.
- Send caravans to other races and find the best profit.
- Survive in city intrigues and exorbitant taxes.

Guilds, bandits, stock trading, find and build relationships...

*Planned Features*
-Manage your shop.
-Build tavern and send heroes for quests.
-Make and name your own item recipes or metals.