Waking up from a nightmare surrounded by dense fog and flames, you are greeted by a gentle boyfriend and favorite puppet show. Such a romantic and beautiful date, why is there a slight uneasiness in my heart ...

At the invitation of her boyfriend Airy, the young girl Tina went to the doll hall to celebrate her 18th birthday.

The puppet hall that can be chosen as a dating place does not look as peaceful as it looks ... broken letterhead, black pupils with different pupils, kindly tourists with hints, and ... gifts that Airy wants to give.

After the sudden power outage, the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend made this doll hall even more terrifying.

The mysterious figure in the dark corridor is getting closer ...
The intermittent fragments of memory seem to become more and more clear as time goes by ...

"My wish is to be with Tina forever."
"Then ... can it be my wish?"
"Tina ..."

【Game Features】
>> The ending is not unique, multiple endings reveal the full story
Must the truth be seen in front of you?
In the seemingly calm puppet hall, the unsettled tide has been surging in the dark.
A seemingly romantic date, but hidden secrets and thrills, all kinds of mysteries are waiting for you to take the cocoon.

>> Dangerous romance, find the disharmony of the doll house
The pavilions with different styles reflect different puppet aesthetics, but the closed doors in the pavilion and tourists who speak high-sounding words make people feel uneasy. However, after the power failure, they discovered that the open area of ​​the puppet pavilion So pitiful, what is hidden in the unopened room ...

>> Follow curiosity, touch and solve brain-burning puzzles
Every item in the pavilion can be touched. Moving, combining or placing them in other places may trigger new events. And the exquisite puppets all over the exhibition hall seem to have life when they touch it. What do you want to tell or remind you?

>> Recover yourself in dream and reality
More than ten kinds of puzzles are carefully designed and interlocked.
In the process of solving the mystery, the truth of the event is also unfolding a little bit.
The puzzles will always be solved, but can the heart be guessed?
With him, is it a prince or a devil?

>> More than solving puzzles, finding the truth in fear
The sudden appearance of the white bear, the puppets who seem to be staring at themselves, and the flashing of their own memories from time to time seem to be heavy. Even the kind tourists who met in the daytime met again at night like they met another person. The fear of being alone, and the heavy pressure of not being able to leave, forcibly promote the development of the plot, and reveal the truth with your own hands.