The retro mix of a shmup and a rpg you've always wanted to play!
Battle space monsters, pirates, avoid asteroids and answer distress calls, upgrade your new spaceship and buy new weapons !

  • Fast shoot'em'up gameplay with big boss fights
  • 10 different weapons, 4 different ships
  • Tons of other customization options (armors, engines, shields, special items)
  • 6 replayable levels filled with unique enemies, bosses and midbosses
  • 3 difficulty settings for every level that will require you to improve both your skill and your ship
  • Experience, level up, skill points
  • Pixel art cutscenes and chiptunes music made on Atari-ST and ZX Spectrum

The gameplay is fast paced and based more on killing enemies than escaping thousands of bullets.
The inspirations for the gameplay are games like Raiden, Truxton, Donpachi and other "older" shoot'em'up games that did not have tiny hitboxes and did not throw 10000 bullets at you.
Skill, dedication and patience is what you will need to be able to defeat your enemies but if you can't, you can always warp out of a level, upgrade your ship and come back with a vengeance !