Cast in a chaotic world of dragon pacts and warfare, Drakengard, weaves unique action RPG elements into a profoundly tragic saga. The Project: Dragonsphere team at cavia inc., comprised of developers from blockbuster titles like Resident Evil Code: Veronica, the Bust-a-Groove series, and Ace Combat, seeks to immerse the player in an all-new gameplay experience combining reality and interactivity.

Conflict has exploded between the Empire and the Alliance. The Empire, once part of the Alliance itself, has forsaken peace and seized greater power. Kyme, an Alliance warrior and once the prince of a small kingdom that fell to the Empire, has received word that his army's castle is under attack. Kyme's sister, Friae is still within its walls. In an effort to save her, Kyme manages to infiltrate the castle gates but is severely wounded. Desperate, he turns to his only choice: a dragon pact. As a dragon killed his parents, this is a difficult decision for Kyme. The Red Dragon, too, has been badly wounded. Though he is by nature a proud beast unwilling to cooperate with humans, he has no choice but to accept Kyme's offer in order to survive.

The dragon pact requires that Kyme sacrifice some function of his body. He becomes mute, and exchanges hearts with the Red Dragon to seal the pact. Given new life, they are now bound together until death. Kyme rescues Friae and sends her away with a childhood friend, Yuvalt. He then begins his quest to unravel the mystery behind the power of the Empire.

Multiple battlefields

[Dogfight Mode]

To dispatch airborne opponents, players will fly high above the landscape astride a powerful dragon, unleashing fire attacks against enemies.

[Strafe Mode]

The best option when attacking a large mass of enemies. Players can annihilate an entire party with a blast of fire from the dragon or pummel an entire military force. Strafe Mode is also useful when seeking out bosses and rare items.

[Melee Mode]

Players can dismount the dragon to explore on foot and attack with a powerful weapon.

Growth element

[Dragon Growth]

As the game progresses, the Red Dragon's body and abilities will mature. Examples include changes in physical appearance, stronger fire breath attacks and heightened agility.

[Character Growth]

Kyme's battle attributes will also evolve throughout the game.

He is rewarded with combo attacks, magic and enhanced strength as his weapon's experience increases.