The Dark Empress is awaiting Zarya, anxious to destroy her and all the rebels! After taming Ribeus in DragonScales 5, Zarya will release the dragon's power to confront the Dark Empress, the merciless ruler of the Gravity Kingdom. This time she might even find love... but she'll have to dissipate the darkness of a lonely heart. Each DragonScales game introduces puzzles and challenges not included in other entries of the series, and DragonScales 6 is no exception. The game comprises totally new challenges: collect keys to unlock doors, switch the board's gravity to solve puzzles, harness the new power-up system and destroy the Empress' minions! For the first time in DragonScales, Zarya will have to battle against a line-up of multiple enemies. DragonScales 6 concludes Zarya's story arc! Will Zarya and the rebels succeed in overthrowing the reign of terror of the Dark Empress?


  • 130 levels.
  • Revamped battles.
  • Novel DragonScales gameplay modes.
  • New power-up system.
  • Post-game quests included: The Royal and The Pit.
  • Conclusion of Zarya's story arc.
  • 16 Steam Achievements.

Closing Remarks

  • This game does not include timed levels. You can take all the time you want to complete each level. However, once you complete the game you can try to beat your own times (Royal challenge).
  • You don't have to play previous DragonScales games to understand how to play. Playing DragonScales 4 and 5 obviously helps to understand the whole setting, but the story of DragonScales 6 holds well on its own.
  • The first levels of DragonScales 6 are really simple. However, the degree of difficulty rises up as you progress. If a puzzle proves to be too challenging, you can always skip the level. Skipping a level does not affect the course of the story. Besides, the game has a single ending.
  • Unlike previous DragonScales games, in DragonScales 6 the power-ups are not entirely optional. For instance, the only way to get the star in Level 3-7 is by using Ribeus power-up.
  • Battles in DragonScales 5 are for wizards. In DragonScales 6 the battle system is different and much more relaxed.