"When the dark universe surrounded, a group of dragons were born out of turmoil. Using the power of magic, Morgath, the leader of the dragons, created the world, forests, oceans, and sky called Auratia. The beautiful Auratia was a precious home for the Supreme Dragons and their relatives. For thousands of years after the death of the Ancient Dragon Morgath, supreme dragons fought epic battles to dominate Auratia. These wars dragged Auratia into an environment of chaos. Now Auratia is in much greater danger ..."

Dragon's Prophet is a legendary MMO game full of dragons set in Auratia. Step into the world of Auratia, filled with hundreds of Dragons and extraordinary creatures, catch your dragon, become a hero and follow your common fate.

Rediscover the classic MMORPG style, thanks to combat dynamics enhanced with an automatic target and combo system. Build your own empire with a special clan system, gather other warriors under the reign; Show everyone that you are a unique warrior with clan-specific regions and players' personal homes! With huge maps, 4 different classes, 450 different Dragons, Dungeons, Advanced Clan system, Special PvP and PK maps, Region wars, Success system, mission system that follows the game story and countless contents, Dragon's Prophet comes with 100% English support.

Discover the magnificent beauties of Auratia
  • Massive Regions and Maps
  • Breathtaking Capitals
Connect With Dragons
  • Unique Dragon on the faces
  • Catch Your Dragon, Upgrade and Fight Together
  • Over 500 Active and Passive Dragon Skills
  • Dragon Arena
  • Auratia Championship
Write Your Own Epic, Become a Legend
  • More than 2000 Missions
  • Difficult Dungeons
  • Advanced Clan System
  • World Boss Wars
  • Hundreds of Events
Challenge Everyone, Dominate
  • Battle System on the Dragon
  • Full Action Zone Wars
  • Groll Canyon Battlefield
  • Lord System
Build and Share Your Own Life
  • Detailed House and Decoration System
  • Success System
  • Paintable Costumes and Armors