Poor King Trode has been turned into a troll, his daughter Princess Medea into a horse and his subjects into brambles. His kingdom, Trodain, is frozen in time.

The story begins as you, the hero (one of the King's guards), and your eccentric band - King Trode, the Princess and a reformed bandit named Yangus - arrive at the town of Farebury in search of an evil jester named Dhoulmagus. He is the madman responsible for stealing a forbidden sceptre from King Trode's castle and cursing the whole kingdom. Now he roams the land killing innocent victims.

United by a common goal, characters Jessica and Angelo join the party on a quest to bring the devilish Dhoulmagus to justice.


  • Unique visual style (character design by Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball Z).

  • Intuitive game balance makes this title easy to pick up, allowing rapid engagement with the story and environment.

  • Freedom to go anywhere the eye can see in a huge, seamless and colourful world.

  • Battle against a wide variety of weird and wonderful monsters.

  • Party members deploy spectacular attacks and spells in stunning 3D.

  • Individual party members' behaviour can be customised for optimal battle performance.

  • Time passes from day to night revealing an entirely different side to towns and dungeons.