Dragon Acres

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Welcome to Dragon Acres!

Here in the Dragon Isles, dragons are a sign of good fortune. They are helpful little companions who have a mysterious connection to nature. Befriend and help your dragons grow and you will be immensely rewarded with an excellent harvest. These adorable dragons have a unique effect on the crops on the lands of their Dragon Masters, making them a powerful asset to have on your farmlands.

3 Games in 1: Dragon Acres has 3 different versions that are all very similar but with slight differences and perks for each.You will choose your version at the start of the game.

  • Dragon Acres: Seaside Version
  • Dragon Acres: Cliffside Version
  • Dragon Acres: Woodland Version

Dragon Habitats: You have the option to design a beautiful dragon paradise for your dragons to live. Using various decorative items, design a happy home any dragon is sure to love!

Dragon Breeding: You can breed your dragons to get dragon eggs! Hatching dragons can give you rare dragon colors and sometimes you will find rare dragon hybrids of the two parents!

Fishing: Catch a majority of different fish while filling up your fishing journal with different fish you’ve caught!

Mining: Fill up your journal with every type of gemstone you can find! Then sell em’ for an awesome price! You can also ride the minecart to take the Mining Challenge. In this minigame, players collect a super rare gemstone called Dragoquartz by taking a quiz designed to test your memory skills. Answers determine which direction you take on the minecart. Correct answers lead you to treasure! Wrong answers lead you to dismay... You can exchange dragoquartz for special items or sell them for gold if you are running low.

Dragon Care: The better you care for your dragons the easier your crops will grow! Feed, talk to, and play games with your dragons!

Quests: You can take quests from different villagers in the world. These can be anything from finding a lost item, to defeating enemies, to fishing a certain fish, to mining a certain gemstone, etc. if you do them, you will be rewarded!

Choose Your Character!: You can choose to play as either Eliot, the male protagonist or Elie, the female protagonist. Eliot and Elie also have 3 different color palettes to choose from!