As Dr. Muto, players forge through 22 vast levels on four distinct planetscapes: from the junkyard world of Totltec, to the half-drowned water world of Aquem, through the smog-choked skies of Flotos, and finally, the forbidden mines of Mazon. Armed with his newest invention - the Splizz-gun - Dr. Muto morphs himself into a variety of DNA-spliced-up creatures including an alien-spider, miniature mouse and hulking gorilla. By morphing, Dr. Muto gains each creature's abilities and physical attributes - such as the ability to cling to webs, squeeze into tight spaces, and breathe underwater - all to better crush, outwit and outlast more than ten different enemies.


  • Explore 22 levels through four different worlds, as players harvest resources and steal DNA to rebuild their home planet.

  • Experiment with the fauna found throughout each world, as players complete DNA formulas they need to morph into six different creatures, each with unique abilities.

  • Use each world's native Gomer - genetically engineered slaves - to trigger switches, activate puzzles and for any other purpose the mad doctor deems necessary!

  • Overcome more than a dozen different enemy types including cybernetically modified robo-dogs and rent-a-cops.

  • Ready yourself for a full-on battle with the chief boss of each world before battling face-to-face with your arch nemesis, the evil Professor Burnitall, for universal supremacy.