Hurtling down a chasm at break-neck speeds could win you the race, but press the right buttons and you could be busting super-styled 'No Handers' & 'Air Walks' to jack up your points tally.

With over 30 tricks to learn, superstyle, perfect and chain together, the more tricks you pull, the more cash you get. Spend the money on upgrading your bike's frame, wheels/tires and fork and the mountain is yours. Each of the 13 riders from around the globe - including real-life pros - has a stunning signature trick. Unlock the 'Sparky Tricks' mode and you'll leave showers of sparks and billowing clouds of colour in your wake.

The upgradeable combat system in Downhill Domination lets riders punch, kick, hip check and even launch water bottles at competitors in an effort to knock them down and be the first to the bottom of the mountain. For a fiendish finish, take out a close opponent with a bottle just before they cross the line!

Offering 9 mammoth mountains and 27 different courses, the paths in Downhill Domination are alive with ramblers, animals and vehicles - all threatening to trash your run.

Even the weather can be a hazard: stunning visuals make electrical storms jump out of the screen, while lava-filled pits will set you on fire.


  • Huge sense of speed and massive jumps.

  • Pick your own route down the mountains.

  • 14 riders with upgradeable combat system.

  • 27 interactive tracks over 9 massive mountains.

  • Pull over 30 incredible tricks.

  • 12 bike sponsors and over 20 upgradeable bikes.

  • 3 race types: Freeride, Mountain Cross and Technical Downhill.