Bored with bland fake violin soundtracks ? Double Kick Heroes is a mashup of a shoot'em up with a frenetic rhythm game backed by an awesome METAL tune! It was inspired by the worlds of Q.Tarantino, S. King and R.Rodriguez. Lead your band on an explosive roadtrip through the wasteland, blast zombies with your Gundillac and crush them with the power of METAL. The game will pack in 30 songs, half a dozen chapters of adventures and a community level editor that will allow any music to be played to the rhythm of exploding zombie skulls.


  • Double kick zombies in the face with insane Metal music!
  • 30 songs tremendous quality metal by an epic video game and metal composer. Isn't it a perfect reason to sacrifice kittens for?
  • Import your own music, play community designed tracks, edit your favorite songs and share challenges!
  • Rodriguez infused background story about being weird teenagers living for Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal.
  • Explosions, rebels, road-rage, madness, apocalypse. Ready to hit the Fury Road ?
  • The only fucking awesome rock and metal rhythm game for Steam, what more ?