Game backgroundAround the world, the endless zombies are hopeless, and your only pleasure is to kill them with a variety of weapons.
This is a zombie shooting game, shooting zombies can help you relieve pressure, bring happiness.Features
  • - Horizontal shooting, enjoy the joy of killing zombies!
  • - Fight all kinds of bosses and complete the campaign!
  • - Dozens of weapons to upgrade your use!
  • - Complete multiple tasks every day!
  • - Several featured mounts for your use!
  • - Mecha deformation for a new ability!
  • - You can choose heroes with different skills´╝ü
  • - Cool skills and items to help you better kill zombies!
  • - Smooth shooting sense!

  • The feeling of shooting freely and featured mounts.

  • Cool mecha morphing´╝îMorphing aircraft gain flight ability to dodge zombies more effectively.

  • Enjoy the thrill of the bomb.