One of the most famous first-person shooters of all time comes to Game Boy Advance, 24 levels strong and in full 3D. Doom is the game that put PC action-shooters on the map, and it's truly amazing to be able to play such a complete version of the game on a portable system.

Known for its gruesome enemies and brain-teasing level design, Doom for GBA plays exactly like the original game. You control a space marine who must escape from a Martian moon base which has been invaded by the most hideous monsters imaginable. To survive, you'll have to constantly upgrade your weaponry and always be on the look-out for secret areas, special power-ups and armor enhancements.

The Game Boy Advance version of Doom is the real deal, delivering huge 3D environments and plenty of blood-thirsty demons to destroy. Perhaps the coolest feature of Doom is that two to four players can complete simultaneously in a deathmatch mode (each player will need their own Doom cartridge, and Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables are also required). If you're not feeling competitive, team up with a friend to tackle the two-player cooperative mode.

Doom's dark and shadowy hallways demand that you play the game in a well-lit area to fully appreciate the detailed graphics. Besides, with so many demons lurking around every corner you probably wouldn't want to play this game anywhere close to sunset.