Craft your way through crazy cosplaying goblins, farting Moai and shining light bulb genies.
Unravel the mysteries of this fantasy world, discover the reason why you were dragged here and find your way home!

Doom & Destiny Worlds is a singleplayer or local co-op rpg-adventure with open world exploration, turn based tactical battles, comedy and a lot of crafting, building and customization.

Doom & Destiny Worlds features:
- More than 60 fully explorable islands, for up to 50 gameplay hours.
- Dynamic crafting system. Players can use blueprints and any available crafting material to create custom made weapons, armors, juice or elixir!
- Fully customizable class system. Level up your nerds and unlock unique feats to suit your playstyle.
- Turn-based battle in real-time world. While the player fights, enemies can join the battle as reinforcements, adding extra layers of challenges.
- Four player local coop system. Connect up to four controllers to play together on the same screen!
- And much, much more!