Nintendo proudly presents the return of Donkey Kong! This all-new Wii game from acclaimed developer Retro Studios brings Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong back together to tackle a new threat on Donkey Kong Island as the beloved series from the SNES era makes a ground-pounding comeback!

Run, jump, roll, swing and pound through lush side-scrolling 2D platform levels in gorgeous 3D space, where secrets - and bananas! - are hidden in every nook and cranny of the jungle, waiting to be discovered by anyone daring to explore!

This new Donkey Kong Country game brings together the best bits of the past - from Rambi the rhinoceros to mine cart stages - with the exciting possibilities of today. Enjoy co-op multiplayer and traverse environments that will take your breath away together! Play the classic way with just the Wii Remote held sideways or attach a Nunchuk, it's your call!