their island, leaving the Dodo species in serious danger: all their remaining eggs were found scattered across this isolated piece of rock in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately the devastating wave brought a particularly hungry and sneaky predator to the island. Lost and alone, with no defence, the Dodo eggs will therefore need a big helping hand, or rather a helping stylus, to get out of this mess and to be returned to their nests. Through inhospitable environments, players must guide and save these fragile eggs, newly fallen from the nest, avoiding obstacles, pitfalls and threatening predators!

In DodoGo! all orders are issued using the stylus and the microphone to help the eggs progress throughout the course. The control system is highly intuitive, in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Players do not directly control characters, but interact with them using the background environment and their stylus, which acts like a virtual multifunction Swiss Army knife! Players have a set of ten tools with which to manipulate the levels. These tools enable them to make the eggs move forward along the way: they can stop, catapult, group together, jump, turn around, climb elements and absorb falls.


  • Charismatic and engaging main characters with distinct personalities;
  • Easy to pick up, with intuitive gameplay, making it accessible from seven year olds to 77 year olds;
  • More interaction with the environment: dig, cut, scratch, place items, connect them together to create new traps;
  • Accessible to all thanks to dip-in, dip-out gameplay and progressive levels of difficulty;
  • No stress! To each their own pace, and their own stylus. Whether a hardcore player, casual gamer or a youngster, everyone will find a challenge to suit them: performances, achievements and lap times for the seasoned gamer; caution and character handling for the casual player; fun, and treats in store for the young Nintendo DS audience;
  • Multiple solutions. Give free rein to your imagination and you can find alternative ways!
  • A colourful universe, fun and exotic in a modern graphic style blending cartoon, animation and Flash;
  • Saving a single egg gives you the right to be included in the internet World Ranking on the game's official website, and to be featured on the front page of the official website.