Warrior, Wizard or Survivor? Which fate is yours? It's your decision, one that will influence the gameplay of Divine Divinity - action RPG or classical RPG! In any case, you are the chosen one according to prophecy. As such, only you are able to save the legendary land of Rovellon from submission under the Lord of Chaos. But before you take on the fight against Evil you have to be discovered and blessed as the Divine Savior. And always remember one thing wherever you go: Caution is vital! The apostate magicians must not get hold of you - whatever happens!

Which fate will be your first choice? Warrior, Wizard or Survivor?


  • Four huge maps totalling over 20000 screens spanning everything from peaceful small villages to demon infested wastelands.

  • 6 different player characters that change their appearances depending on what they're wearing.

  • Up to 96 skills to be learnt, divided in three ways: The way of the warrior, the way of the survivor and the way of the wizard. Each way also contains a special move. Regardless of what way the player starts in, he can always learn skills from the other ways.

  • A virtually unlimited amount of special equipment with which the player can boost his character. Additionally the player can charm items to make them even more special.

  • Over 150 non-player characters to interact with in a dynamic environment. Over 100 types of monsters and creatures to fight with.

  • Tons of objects that can be investigated, traded, used and combined.

  • Large involving storyline containing plenty of sub-quests in which the player can further advance his character.

  • Large soundtrack that adapts to the in-game circumstances.