In Disney's Magical Quest 2, the long awaited circus has finally come to town. However, thanks to local bad man Baron Pete's evil work, the circus has been ruined! The evil Baron and his closest henchmen, the three Mice Brothers, have also taken control of the house of Mickey's old friend the Lonely Ghost. If Baron Pete gets his way the whole world will fall into his greedy hands. It's down to Mickey and Minnie to put a stop to this madness and save the planet from Baron Pete and his monstrous plans.


  • Three different costumes!

  • Suck up small enemies and coins with the Sweeper costume, move all kinds of different switches and objects with the sweeper power feature.

  • Easily climb up cliffs to reach previously unreachable locations with the Ranger costume, use the hook feature to climb and slide down ropes.

  • Mount a wooden horse and go riding in the Cowboy/girl costume. Make sure you wear the right costume for each level!

  • Two Playable Characters - Play as either Mickey or Minnie from the start.

  • Multiplayer Option - Utilize the Game Link Cable for multiplayer action!

  • Meet all your favourite characters - Donald, Goofy and friends are there to help you along on your adventure.