Starring as FINAL FANTASY VII's enigmatic Vincent Valentine, players must battle against a mysterious military organisation known as "Deepground." Before Meteorfall, these soldiers formed one of Shinra's most secret projects - but with the destruction of Midgar, the soldiers left below the town's smouldering remains were forgotten. Vincent Valentine must now retaliate against this impending threat with his trusty Cerberus in hand.

Since the original Japanese release, Square Enix has made several changes to the game play to offer an even more immersive experience. Many aspects of the game have been enhanced. These include:

  • Movement. Vincent now runs 1.2 times faster, adding a more dynamic edge to the gameplay.

  • Gunplay. Aiming has been made faster, and this can be further increased with weight reduction, achieved by customising Vincent's trusty Cerberus and other firearms. Power, range, firing rate and more can also be improved through customisation.

  • Jumping. Vincent can now utilise a new double-jump move, making evasive manoeuvres look more amazing than ever!

  • Combat. Obliterate your adversaries with impressive aerial shooting attacks and devastating melee combos.

  • Rush Dodge. The dive-roll dodge has been replaced with an effective rush move that allows Vincent to recover and prime himself for attack faster than before.

  • Limit Break. Vincent's magic bar is no longer depleted when using his fearsome Limit Break attack. You must instead find single use limit-break items to pull off these awesome assaults as Vincent transforms into an unstoppable beast!

  • New Missions. Multiplayer, which required a PS2 hard-drive to play, is no more. Instead, players will be treated to over 40 special missions

  • "Ex Hard Mode". Offering players an even tougher challenge for Vincent to face, but with greater rewards. Unlocked by completing the game on either difficulty setting, normal or hard. Play through the extra challenge of both the New Missions and "Ex Hard" mode to unlock new, modified weapons, a character-model viewer along with artwork and sound galleries.

  • Unrivalled Cinematics. Fully-voiced, cutting-edge CG cinematics in the renowned Square Enix style from the animators who brought you, FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN.