• Smart Dino AI
    Dinosaurs use smart behavioral patterns and react not just to you but to other items and dinosaurs. They remember your last position, can call for help, they are aware of what are you doing and where are you looking. They also dynamically adapt to a changing environment, they are aware of doors and windows and react to placed obstacles.
  • Procedural animations of dinosaurs
    Animations are corrected during runtime so that dinosaurs feel more integrated with the environment. Examples of these are those dinosaur spines bend base on where the particular dinosaur is headed. Heads and eyes following your every move and more.
  • Interaction System
    Dino Eruption is developed for VR only so the entire experience is optimized and tailored to make the best use of all of VR capabilities
  • Combat
    Trying to attack most dinosaurs head-on will likely result in your death. But you might have a chance if you approach combat in a slightly more tactical way.
  • Hiding
    If a Dinosaur is too Dangerous to take head-on you can always hide by just kneeling in the real-world, just be careful to be behind cover and make as little noise as possible.
  • Drivable vehicles
    You can drive a moving lift an electric elevator or even a crane.
  • Lots of Dinosaurs
    Dino Eruption will feature 20 dinosaurs. Each species having 3 skins and unique AI.
  • Body Physics
    You will have a physical presence in DinoEruption. Your hands won't be able to go through walls and other objects and you will be able to push and move light objects widout you grabbing them.
  • Beautiful Graphics
    Realistically modeled and animated dinosaurs plus Georgios and diverse environments make Dino Eruption looks unmatched by any Dinosaur VR game to date.
  • Climbing
    Dino eruption step-level design makes climbing a natural way of achieving in-game goals. It adds to replayability and it allows new tactical opportunities on how to approach procedurally generated levels.

Dino Eruption has more than 2,147,483,647 procedurally generated levels.
Levels are teaming with dinosaurs and obstacles and each presents a unique never seen before puzzle. Find the best way to complete these levels, rise in the leaderboards, and become the best VR Dino hunter the world has ever seen!