The hugely popular Diddy Kong Racing makes its debut on the Nintendo DS, capturing all the thrills and excitement of the original N64 game along with all new improvements and challenges. These include new playable characters, retextured tracks, track editor mode, brand new unlockables and if that wasn't enough it also takes advantage of the DS microphone and touch screen for certain modes and options. In addition Diddy Kong Racing DS also takes full advantage of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service, meaning you can now race against people from around the world.

Peace has been disrupted on Timber's Island as the evil pig wizard, Wizpig, arrives to take control. Diddy, along with 2 new characters Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong are called upon to defeat him. It's up to you, the player, to embark on a racing adventure, using your favourite mode of transport from a choice of kart, hovercraft or airplane, and covering over 20 lush and colorful 3D tracks along the way, to banish him from the island for good!

Through playing on the unique Nintendo DS touch screen players are able to make their mark on the game by creating their own tracks and customising the icons and billboards that feature around the track. Sound effects can also be recorded with the Nintendo DS's microphone that then plays exactly as recorded when certain actions occur. Fancy celebrating your victory to your own rendition of 'We Are The Champions'? Now you can!

Diddy Kong Racing DS allows players to experience a range of exhilarating single and multiplayer modes. Players start the game in Adventure Mode, where they work their way through five different worlds collecting balloons to unlock new areas and come face-to-face with the evil Wizpig. Whilst competing in the different stages, challengers must keep an eye out for coins to collect along the way. These allow them to purchase vehicle upgrades and other unlockables, essential to ensure the best kart, plane or hovercraft for each race!

Once tracks have been unlocked in the game's Adventure Mode, they are then available in Single Race Mode where players can test out and practice their racing skills. Here they also have the option of taking on the CPU or competing in a time trial to record their quickest possible time round the track. Additional challenges can also be unlocked, including the Coin Challenge previously found on the N64 game.