"Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil" is a history focused horror game

Play as a priest and help a family with their cursed house, explore, follow your visions, exorcize the evil!

- Aughust Heylel, an exorcist legitimized by the vatican and a relevant priest doesn't belive in his own faith anymore.
He writes a letter talking about his life and his worst mission, case "Roots of Evil" wich started in 1984

- His mission was to investigate a house with paranormal activities, but the problem was way deeper.
The case stuck into Aughust's head for more than 30 years, and now, it's finally the time to finish it!

- Explore the house and find itens, notes and cursed objects
- Control a 74 year old priest and his limited movement, beware of his condition
- Aughust's medium skills will take you to unusual places and guide you to solve the mistery
- Use your crucifix to exorcize cursed objects and Devils.