Deus Ex: Invisible War

Genres: First-Person Shooter
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It is twenty years since the end of the global conspiracy depicted in Deus Ex. In the aftermath, a catastrophic depression has crippled the world and warring corporate governments use terrorism as the primary tool to enforce their own violently destructive agendas.

A few days before the start of Deus Ex: Invisible War, Alex D is roused from sleep and rushed to a secret airfield to be transported away from the only world he (or she, if the player so chooses) has ever known. Confined to a new training facility in Seattle "for his own safety," Alex learns that the city of Chicago, his home, was completely destroyed by a terrorist nanotech attack.

The only fragments of Alex's former world are now confined to the training facility in Seattle: Billie Adams (a fellow trainee from Chicago), two other students from the Seattle program and the expectation that the mysterious rites and trials of his training will lead to a lucrative job as a corporate mercenary and spy. These things, too, are about to fly apart, however.

As covert anti-terrorist operative Alex D. you are thrust into a reactive world of conflict, conspiracy and doubt.

In the huge, free-roaming world of Deus Ex, the challenge is in choosing your allies and your enemies. You must cross the globe, hunting for your true origins and uncovering the real forces at work behind the underground, Invisible War for world domination.


  • There are gameplay styles to suit ALL players. Action, shooting, adventure and stealth all play a part - how you play really is up to you.

  • Make significant choices that affect how the game evolves. Choose your friends, enemies, who to support and who to fight, the game changes based on your decisions.

  • Multiple routes and solutions within each mission provide many different ways to complete each level and provide different consequences.

  • Use hi-tec weapons and bio-mod technology to develop your character and give them extraordinary powers; see through walls, run faster than cars, render yourself invisible to beat and evade your enemies.

  • Lose yourself in a totally absorbing and gripping gameplay experience - Deus Ex: Invisible War draws you into one person's mission whilst building a full, real and ever shifting and surprising environment.

  • An arsenal of modifiable weapons including shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, rocket launchers and flamethrowers are all at hand to take down the enemy.

  • A deeply simulated game world, where objects, physics, sounds, lights and shadows are all tools you can use to help you get through the levels - i.e. use shadows and footsteps to detect advancing guards.

  • Unravel a dynamic and cinematic storyline that's deeply involving and full of shock twists. Presents an imaginative but scarily real portrayal of future world events.