A lone fighter, a brash sorcerer, a hot-tempered rogue... Three warriors, brought together by an unexplainable force, must embark on a fateful journey that will continuously test their extraordinary battle skills.


  • Thrilling pick-up-and-play combat: hand-to-hand battles and melee brawls (the fighter), ranged and projectile power (the sorcerer), sexy stealth attacks (the rogue).

  • Sprawling story by N.Y. Times - bestselling author R.A. Salvatore.

  • Voice performances by Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan.

  • Unique camera angles and video, delivering an exceptional fantasy movie experience.

  • Beautiful ominous Forgotten Realms environments, from the Gemspark Mines to the Jungles of Chult, to the Underdark and beyond.

  • Devastating Dungeons & Dragons creatures including Bugbears, Slaadi and Yuan-tis.

  • Expansive range of combo moves, skill upgrades, weapons, armor and more.