Evil will once again trample upon the magic realm.

Welcome to the lands which were ravaged war. The evil force will retake its domination. Prepare to destroy the Humans’ last kingdom!
Demon lord had been sealed; the Braves are destroying the very last tribe of the demons.
Continue your tyranny,Enslave humans to build more facilities, force them to mine the gold undergrounds, slaughter them and use their souls and skulls to summon more evil creatures.

Command the army of the demons and claim you victory.
During the game you need to collect more resources and build more bases to produce friendly units. Use them to destroy your enemies.
Develop different kinds of facilities and train more units will be the way towards victory.
You need to move the unit to attack or perform other actions.

Upgrade your Leader and Servants to strengthen their abilities.
Player can summon distinguishing heroes. Upgrade different skills to build a unique and invincible Chieftain.
Deploy your units according to their unique feature. Using all kinds of tactics to guild them and win the war.