We so often roll our eyes when we see that another video game has been turned into a movie. Let's face it most have been average, some have been blatantly terrible, but some have been decent and indeed some have even been good. Now we have a game that is not just inspired by a TV show, but is effected by what happens in the show and the same in the other direction. This is innovative, and a brave thing to do and it's the first time it's been done and it may well be the last time too. What happens if the show gets cancelled? Well let's not worry about that now, let's just focus on what we have. I won't go into the plot details here, but needless to say it lends itself to an MMO very well indeed. Different races and societies clashing on a terraformed earth after an interplanetary war. It's a dangerous world and factions vie for power, resources and territory. The game tends to avoid the political angles and goes for a third person MMO style game, where progress through the tale is driven by completing missions. Rewards include weapon and armor upgrades, scrips (money) and salvaged items. There are other items too to be found but I'll leave that to you to discover. Graphically it's not stunning it has to be said. They are adequate sure, but not quite the standard you might expect. But having said that it's not that terrible to look at either. Frame rate is decent but lag can affect the game when it becomes busy and you may have to sit through some long patching time before you can play, but hey that comes with the territory. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars have the same thing, so if you are used to that then it won't be to much of an issue. (Unless you hate those patching periods, but hey we all have to live with it) Sound is good, many of the shows sounds effects make it too the game, as does the soundtrack. There is exploration aplenty. You can travel on foot or by roller (vehicle). Before I forget, there are four character classes to choose from though not sadly, different races. At the moment you have to be human. Maybe patches will come that means you can play another race and get different benefits from playing those races. Action comes thick and fast, gun play is fierce and you soon learn that it really is best to a) go into mass battles with back up and b) shoot from cover Gears of War style. if you don't, you'll die...a lot. It's not an earth shattering game but it's not terrible either, but there is room for improvement and I hope issues will get addressed as we proceed. But the fact that the show affects the game makes it a constantly changing and shifting game. It's one I intend to stick with and am so far enjoying it. Bugs and minor issues do get in the way, but it's a flawed gem that with some polish could still shine. Watch the show at least, that comes recommended.