The deep ocean is beautiful.
It is a mystical world that can only be known by people who have been to its depths.
It is a world where, in addition to satisfying your curiosity, you can be submerged by danger or swallowed by fear.

You know that sometimes fish can attack humans, right?
Sharks in the sea, piranhas in lakes - you have heard of fish that attack humans.
It is not well known, but men and women are attacked differently.
Men are just caught like bait.

However, women are seen as vessels (raped).
In biological terms, this is known as "fish rape".

We still do not understand this scientific mechanism.
Do their diver suits which show a clear body line excite the creatures in the sea? Does the love juice excreted from the crotches of the girls spread in the sea, and do they smell that odor? There are many theories.
However, if we think that all creatures, including humans, come from the sea, it may not be such a strange thing.
Female genitals progressed in abalone, and it is deny to say that their squirting function is remnants of that.

So how are women fish-raped?
When women are attacked by the fish, nearly always the fishes genitals enter the female genitals.
In particular, killer whales and sharks have large genitals, and if human women have those genitals inside them, they won't stand a chance.
Swimming in the water, they use up all their oxygen and die.

Octopus and squid catch women with their strong tentacles, and steadily rape them.
Of course, finally women run out of oxygen and die.

You can't even underestimate small fish.
It is said that as many as 150 women divers are raped by fish and die every year.

Now we are in an age where it is easy to go diving, so knowledge of the deep ocean and the guidance of experts is required.

[How to swim]

Swim left and right using "Left arrow","Right arrow".

*Using the right-click of the mouse during a "sex event" removes the deep sea effects.
If you want to see clear CG, please remove the effects.


You are girl who likes diving so decided to go down deep one day.
Even if you panic and try to get back to land, there are countlesss fish who will smell the scent of a woman.

In this game, you swim in the sea and escape on to land.
You can experience just how scary this place can be for a girl.

There are a total of 12 scenes.

This is a game made to have more of a sense of presence and atmoshpere than an ordinary game.
There is the BGM that suddenly resounds in the silent deep sea and the fish that attack you.
If you are caugh, you will die In one go.

There are three ways you can die.
There are a total of 19 large volumes for each event. They are all different.

(1) Suffociation from fish rape (illustration)
(2) Suffociation from fish rape (animation)
(3) Tragic death by being bitten off

For (3), you should beware of its grotesqueness, but we hope you enjoy the bloodcurdling atmosphere of the deep sea.


The differences are in the raped face letting out a scream while attacked, the suffocated face while being raped, and finally the dead face.
It depicts the fear of the deep sea where ordinary women can be attacked by fish and killed.

Fish rape illustrations: 10
Fish rape Ryona illustrations: 2
3D erotic animations: 7

*There are differences in the fish rape illustrations. Fish rape-->suffering-->suffocation

The voice actors include difficult voices where they let out suffocated screams time and time again.
Enjoy this new type of erotic voice.