Windia, an 18-year-old girl living in London, mysteriously vanishes after being drawn into a flash of light.

Awakening in the Otherworld, Windia arrives in a Western city reminiscent of the early 20th century, and is cared for by Dior, an elderly lord. Discovering there is no way home, Dior reveals to Windia that she is one of the 'lost children', those with magical powers chosen to protect the kingdom.

Known as 'Angels' by the people and beloved for their bravery, Angels protect the peace and ensure a good life for all. However, the gates of Hell are overflowing, allowing monsters to cross the planes and attack human beings.

It is up to Windia and her new sisters to defend the city and purge the evil menace.


  • Left/right shooting mechanic, surrounding you with enemy units and gunfire from both sides of the screen
  • The player will need to employ strategy and think about enemy positioning as your shots may be blocked by obstacles
  • Deathsmiles features a selectable difficulty level that allows you to choose how to proceed through the game, ensuring that newcomers are as welcome as veterans
  • Different stories and conversations will appear during both single player and two-player cooperative play, depending on the character(s) chosen
  • Arcade Mode - featuring the same gameplay and accuracy as the original arcade release

  • Xbox 360 Mode - a high resolution version of the arcade game Version 1.1 - an original mode for the Xbox 360.
  • Mega Black Label - an expanded version of the game included on the disc and features: New playable character Sakura, New stage Ice Palace, More challenging scoring system, New difficulty setting, level 999
  • Play with a friend via Xbox LIVE, where the player can also measure up their success by submitting their scores to the online ranking service