Death Tank is a fast-paced action game that rewards quick reflexes and cunning strategy. Devastating weapons and unique items give your tank unlimited destructive power. Eight separate landscapes react to tank combat, altering their shape when hit and providing an ever-changing environment in which to play.

Battle with up to four friends on the same console, against multiple A.I. opponents in single-player combat, or up to eight tanks simultaneously in the Death Tank arena via Xbox LIVEĀ® for exciting co-op or chaotic free-for-all play! Crisp graphics and amazing effects coupled with fast-paced game play makes each battle a visceral experience.


  • Classic shooting game: Death Tank is an updated version of the classic "ballistic" shooting game.

  • Strategy and action: Get ready for a fast-paced action/strategy game that requires both quick thinking and careful planning.

  • Futuristic weapons: Battle for supremacy using futuristic tanks armed with an assortment of deadly weapons and defenses.

  • Next-gen upgrade: Death Tank is now 100% rewritten to use the awesome power of Xbox 360 to produce unmistakably next-gen visuals.