Death Jr. (aka 'DJ' to his pals) has got himself mixed up in something huge, and horrible. During a school trip to the museum DJ is teased into opening an old chest, unleashing the demon Moloch, err 'unto' the world. Moloch does what comes naturally, transforming everywhere into his take on hell. Very quickly DK realises he'd better put things straight.

And so, borrowing the family heirloom (a scythe, what else!) DJ teams up with his pals Pandora, Stigmartha, See, Smith and Weston to see what can be done.


  • Combines first-person shooter elements with third-person platform adventure.

  • Humourous hero is fun to use, finding many uses for his trademark scythe.

  • Boisterous theme with weapons such as flamethrower and exploding hamsters.

  • Fun graphical style and comic book style enemies keep the action flowing.

  • Characters soon to appear in a comic book and star in a feature-length film.