Deadlane is a horror/racing game which pits the player against five contestants in a race for survival. Inspired by asymmetrical horror games such as Dead by Daylight and beloved racing franchises such as Need for Speed.

As a multiplayer horror-survival game, Deadlane aims to expand the genre by blurring the line between hunter and victim. At the start of each lap, the last-ranking racer will be transformed into the ghost racer known as "Grim Prix". The Grim Prix curse holds many perks as it increases the player's speed while also being immune to on-road obstacles. However, the player possessing the Grim Prix curse will ultimately be eliminated at the end of the lap - regardless of where they ranked in the race.

To avoid elimination, players must land a fired projectile into another player in order to pass the Grim Prix form onto them. The new Grim Prix will then teleport to the last-ranking position, starting the chase all over again. As each lap ends, playing as Grim Prix risks elimination. This cycle continues until only four survive until the final lap, in which 4 positions are decided - Gold, Silver, Bronze and the last to be eliminated.

Some may wish to play as the hunter to gain an early lead, whereas others may want nothing to do with it all together. The choice is yours as only the most strategic racers are rewarded.

Early Features:

On-road obstacles such as evil spirits, who stalk every street and can spawn by racers at any given time.

The freedom to choose from a wide gallery of atmospheric tracks, each as unforgiving as the last.

A single player mode just as dynamic as its multiplayer counterpart, suited for those seeking a more focused experience.

Time trials which forcefully test your ability to stay alive.

And many more to come!