Dawngate is a new MOBA game with a "flexible Meta" that offers you freedom of choice in playing the characters you want to play the way you want to play them while still contributing to your team.

  • Your Character, Your Way. Play the character you want in a way that matches your personal playstyle - your role isn't dependent on your choice of Shaper. Each role is custom tailored to let you get ahead of the competition in a variety of ways.
  • Experience a truly new MOBA. Five Shapers, two lanes, a huge jungle, and unique objectives make for a new strategic landscape with the Role System. Run a Tri-lane. Double-Jungle!
  • Fast-paced action from start to finish. Battle in constant skirmishes to control objectives like the Spirit Wells; beat back your foes and draw economy straight from the map itself. Every match ends with an intense boss fight against the enemy team and their Guardian.
  • Explore other features unique to Dawngate:
    • Loot: Get Blessings from the spirits after every match: loot drops that not only reward how well you played, but also your teamwork and sportsmanship.
    • Progression: A fresh stats and item system that's easy to learn with deep counterplay.
    • Customization: Spiritstones and the Loadouts System allow you to bring unique passive abilities into the match, opening up deep strategy and customization options!