Dato of Srivijaya is historical real time strategy set in 7th century at Southeast Asia after Funan empire in Indocina has fall and regional power has shift
to Srivijaya, unknown kingdom which rise from upstream South Sumatra's river to emerging great maritime power in Asia for several centuries.

Follow path of Srivijaya’s Maharaja(king of king) build his empire from small power,conquest against his rivals and another kingdom in
sland of gold (Svarnadwipa) and island of rice (Yavadvipa), maintain diplomatic relations to foreign power around world, and build strong navy for defending Srivijaya empire from any threat!

Key Features
>Build empire and manage federation (kadatuan) government system!

Map of Sumatra, Malaya, and Thailand in 7th century
>Explore Southeast Asia realm in 7th until 10th century from Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Malaya, and some part of Indocina.
>Explore river states around East Sumatra which make ships can enter to river upstream!
>Deal with many kingdoms in Southeast Asia either friendly approch or conquest for maitain the power of mandala.
>Manage system of city for build the state(Vanua) and estabilsh trading system, and countryside for supporting city needs
>Experience playing not only Srivijaya but also Sunda Kingdom , and Mataram kingdom which offer many unique things compare Srivijaya’s realm!
>Maintain relation with foriegn powers not only with neighbor kingdoms, but foriegn power in East and West Asia

This game was funded by Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture under 2th Facilitation in the FIeld of Culture Project (Fasilitasi Bidang Kebudayaan) 2020!.