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  • Dynamic Player Interaction System:

    - A player‐directed hint system for collaborators & miscreants alike; see shadows of other players as they traverse the same roads and cross the same bridges in their own copies of the same world.

    - Activate memories of slain players to watch the last few moments of the poor souls' existence.

  • Conventional Cooperative Play With A Twist:

    - Join other players directly in their own worlds by offering your assistance. Or, become his enemy.

    - Place summon signs on the ground to invite other players into your world and the dynamic matching system will select a player who will appear to assist you. Non‐playable characters can be summoned for offline players.

    - Leave blood messages for other players to find, warning them of dangers lurking ahead or precious hidden treasures.

    Be warned! Messages can be a help or a hindrance!

  • Character Customization:

    Characters can be created from a highly detailed roster of ten different classes with multiple parameters:

    - Warrior: Fearless and dexterous weapons expert.

    - Knight: Solid armor‐clad character not easily toppled with High HP.

    - Wanderer: Agile, scimitar‐wielding character.

    - Thief: Guilt‐ridden character with a Master Key, inflicting critical hits.

    - Bandit: Has high strength and wields a heavy battle axe.

    - Hunter: Bow wielding hunter who can handle close‐range combat but is vulnerable to magic.

    - Sorcerer: Educates dragons and casts soul Spells.

    - Pyromancer: Casts fire spells and wields a hand axe.

    - Cleric: Pilgrim who wields a mace and casts healing miracles.

    - Deprived: Armed only with a club and a shield of old planks.

  • Carefully craft your player upgrades as this will determine your progression style.