Set at the crossroads between the legendary world of the Knights of the Round Table, the Scandinavian myths and the Celtic culture of Ireland, Dark Age of Camelot plunges players into a universe inhabited by colorful mythological and historical characters. The game begins after the death of King Arthur. His kingdom, Albion, suffers desperately from the lack of firm authority and lies open to marauding attacks by the magical Celts from Hibernia, a wild island to the west, and the Vikings, from the frozen landscape of Midgard far away to the north. Each Realm is distinctive in its terrain and in its hierarchy of races and classes. The objectives of these raids are the precious and magical relics that are guarded at the heart of each of the three realms.


  • A permanent on-line universe where up to 3,000 players for each server can simultaneously interact or confront each other.

  • A unique Player versus Player (PvP) combat system with territorial acquisition, siege-based warfare and the possibility to capture opponents' relics.

  • An epic animated universe divided into three Realms inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the Celtic and Norse mythologies. Take part in exciting animated quests and become a legendary figure in your Realm.

  • Integrated player crafting systems including twelve different races and multiple careers and skills to choose from. Player can enchant wild animals, construct siege weapons, benefit from the advanced strength and security of the guild system or take advantage of the games comprehensive network of merchants and artisans. Become a fighter, a powerful magician or a skilled artisan.

  • Featuring the unprecedented graphics engine, NetImmerse, developed by Mythic Entertainment. Your gaming experience will take on a new dimension with its advanced 3D accelerated graphics, that may be configured to the players' preferences and which offers a rich and perceptive visual interface...