Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus is a free to play arcade-style brawler inspired by the likes of classic Neo Geo’s King of the Monsters. The game will be regularly updated with new characters from various indie creators, along with new stages and game modes.

● Classic Fighting System
Inspired by classical arcade fighting games such as King of the Monsters and Godzilla: Domination. Easy to enjoy the battle!
● Combo & Skill
Get ready to crumble! With variety of combo & skill that can easily execute by a few action input.
● OMG Roster!
My focus is, to bring together characters from various Kaiju OC creators around the world in to one game. You can expected a lot to come join the battle!
● Destruction!
Destroy everything in your way, or die trying to save the world but also destroy everything is inevitable. It's the way of Daikaiju!
● Various game modes!
Currently, story mode is still work in progress. But, you can enjoy variety of arcade mode such as Survival, Versus, Battle Zone, and ton of EX Missions that will implement to the game via update.The Basic of the game
Please see in-game Database menu for details