I making the game on my own (Mario Murkl) :

It will be a Cyberpunk Style Multiplayer FPS with multiple game modes , with high detailed Characters, Weapons and Maps.

The game using Unreal Engine 4 , the following pictures always change, many things are changed already, and will change in the future as well.

The game is running on Windows 10 64bit, there is no Linux support at all.

I am working alone, the whole map in the game is fully custom made.
The game is cost me lot of Energy and Work , i would like to sell it for really low price.

If the people are intresting this, i would be more than happy to make more maps to make tha game bigger and better.

The attached videos and pictures will refresshing if there is any huge update is happened.

5 Different very high detailed maps, with 5 different game modes Deathmatch , Team Deathmatch , Capture the Flag, Concuest and Rush.

5 Different Class , and 4 different ability.

The Game is working on Online , and on Local as well, (The steam application needs to running on the background)

If you have any question , feel free to ask.

Mario Murkl