Cyber City Escape is a 3D topdown roguelite shooter set in a cyberpunk world.

You awaken one day like so many other dissidents, imprisoned and with no memory. Soon after you are suddenly freed by mysterious new allies and given a mission - fight your way across the city to the spaceport and escape the planet, or die trying.

The game features:

- Procedurally generated maps
- Fog of war fueled exploration
- Multiple weapon types to unlock, acquire and upgrade
- Multiple enemy types with different fighting styles
- Environmental hazards, traps, explosive barrels, gun turrets
- Equipment to purchase at kiosks to help you survive your run
- A token system for permanent progression in the form of character upgrades
- Dark and gritty atmosphere with matching story
- A retro future soundtrack with thumping beats

Can you master the urban death trap and find your way to freedom?

*** This game is still under development and all feedback is treasured ***