Crown of Glory: Europe in the Age of Napoleon, the player controls one of the crowned potentates of Europe in the Napoleonic Era, wielding authority over his nation's military strategy, economic development, diplomatic relations, and social organization. It is a very thorough simulation of the entire Napoleonic Era - spanning from 1799 to 1820, from the dockyards in Lisbon to the frozen wastes of Holy Mother Russia.


  • Europe and North Africa, 1799 - 1820.

  • More than 200 provinces, 8 Major Nations, 90 Minor Powers.

  • Monthly Strategic Turns, 20 Minute Tactical Turns.

  • Military, Diplomatic, Economic and Social Decisions.

  • Quick Resolution of Battles or Detailed Resolution of Battles.

  • Detailed Combat supports Historical Leaders, Unit Morale, Diverse Unit Types, Command and Control, Weather, Smoke, Reinforcements, and more!

  • Economics include Resource Types, Economic Parameters, Banks and Loans, Food and Population Growth, Reinforcement Pool, Trade Routes, Merchant and Colonial Income.

  • Naval and Land Combat, including Sieges, Interceptions, Fleet Combat, Port Attacks and Blockades.

  • National Morale.

  • Computer Opponent for Major and Minor Nations.

  • Diplomacy includes Treaties, Secret Treaties, Declarations of War, Cease Fires, Limited Surrender, Total War, and Historical Great Diplomats with special abilities.

  • Weather, Logistics, Fog of War, Special Events.

  • Full Multiplayer Support via internet, LAN, serial/parallel connection or hotseat.

  • Standard Campaign from 1805 - 1815 as well as a variety of starting scenarios to expand or contract the timeline and allow more options over technology and upgrades.