Early access Zombie shooter. Covid Studios is an expanding gaming developer company, we aim to reach all of these goals before 2022. Covid: Survive The PlanDemic is a fantasy game about a vaccine mutating a virus creating the undead. You must search for a cure and survive the enduring waves of zombies. We plan on introducing a unique 4v4v4v4 zombie royal death-match. This featured game mode will not only be rewarding but every item in the game can be unlocked by playing. That is right, NO PAYWALL, NO PAY TO WIN. On top of our lively multiplayer we aim to have one of the most emotionally jarring campaigns. Unlike popular battle royal titles our game will not only be unique but rewarding for coming in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Forcing solo players and solo squads to play objectives and rewards communication so you are not dominated by squads.