Come Covid-20 the virus had mutated into something more realistic of the apocalypse we all wanted! You play as one of the few remaining special forces operatives with one objective, shred the dead.
Set over a whole town with abandoned schools, shops, train station, homes, and more with classic perk machines such as speed cola (fast reload), hyperbull (super speed), double tap perk, increased health perk and mule kick (extra weapon), classic random weapon boxes with several highly original SMGs, Sniper rifles and fully Auto and burst rifles.
There are no horde warnings or level counters in this zombie outbreak, friendly fire is engaged and you can work as a 6 man team (we will be increasing this as the map grows with future updates! for free!) or you can see wack another player and receive the points in his pocket so you can buy more ammo, more weapons, more perks and finish on top with the most kills.

Single player or up to 6 player co-op Host/Join Session only, not dedicated servers.

Controls :

Jump/ spacebar or gamepad bottom button
Crouch/ C or gamepad right button
Sprint/ Left Shift or gamepad left thumbstick button
Aim/ Right Mouse Button or gamepad left trigger
Fire/ Left mouse Button or Gamepad right trigger
Cycle weapon up/ 1 or gamepad top button
cycle weapon down/ 2 or Gamepad top button
Reload/ R or Gamepad face button left
USE/ Activate/ E or gamepad face button left
Scoreboard/ Tab or gamepad special left button
Chat/ T or Gamepad D-Pad Down
Melee/ Q or Gamepad Right Thumbstick
Roll/ Caps lock or Gamepad right shoulder
Flashlight toggle/ 3 or Gamepad D-Pad up

Move/ WASD, up down left right arrow or gamepad left thumbstick
Look/turn rate/ Mouse Y & X or Gamepad right thumbstick