Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars focuses on the military and political events that consumed 19th century Europe. Six nations played prominent roles during the Napoleonic Era and each are featured: France, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Egypt. Each nation is fully playable and provides a selection of unique architecture, unique progress trees, and original army units with unique parameters.

Players will lead their armies to victory with epic battles of up to 64,000 units on the map; this corresponds to the scope of real historical battles with the possibility of zooming in and out, and thus soaring high above the battlefield, Cossacks II will become the most spectacular game based on Napoleonic Era.

New comers to the game will easily be able to master the battle system, while experienced strategists will be able to sink into the depths of tactics and strategies, with a variety of troop types, combat formations, morale, fatigue, and manoeuvres, such as rear and flank attacks, cavalry and artillery assaults.

The game also benefits from updated AI that allows you to control troops through commanders in chief and the battle experience is dependent upon the landscape, soldiers will be unable to fire through forests and cavalry will have a tough time making its way over muddy terrain. Cossacks II also allows players to control economic outcomes within the game; the player can control, develop, and fight for the already built-up cities, provinces, and villages located on the map. They can seal the capital off from trade routes and arrange economic blockades and can even appoint a Minister of Economy!

Cossacks II creates a realistic and informative experience of the Napoleonic War through interesting historical facts, video sequences, mission briefings, and campaigns that help players recreate this epoch of European History.


  • Historical real time strategy with a new 3D engine.

  • True color 3D landscape with immense tactical possibilities.

  • Support of the latest generation of video boards, pixel and vertex shaders, etc.

  • European war conflicts of the 19th century, with special emphasis on the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Battles in real historical scope of up to 64 000 units on the map at once.

  • 6 European nations: France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt.

  • Over 150 unique units and 180 types of buildings.

  • Over 1000 pieces of flora and fauna.

  • True-to-history campaigns with historical personalities as army commanders.

  • Economy and army control brought to a new level.

  • Military commander simulation.

  • Simulated historical battles in single player and multiplayer vs. AI.

  • Extended formations and tactical orders.

  • Realistic morale and fatigue factors.

  • Extensive diplomacy system.

  • 3D physics engine guaranteeing realistic flight paths for all kinds of projectiles.

  • Multiplayer game via LAN or the Internet: Deathmatch, Historical Battle and European Conquest modes.