Cold War is an action game set inside communist Russia at the height of the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain. The main character, Razor Kane, is an independent journalist and former CIA Agent who penetrates the deepest depths of the Former USSR to hunt down a group of communist hardliners who are plotting to threaten world peace. Razor will fight and match his wits against the enemy in environments like Chernobyl, Mausoleum and Kremlin, some of the most well-known and symbolic places of the former Communist rule.


  • Stunning locales from mid-1980's U.S.S.R: Chernobyl, the Mausoleum and the KGB's notorious Lubyanka prison.

  • Strong espionage/stealth style with realistic A.I. enemies and missions based on real world events.

  • In-game elements are combined to create weapons and traps.

  • Innovative gadgets including an X-ray camera.