From the moment we leave school till the age we take a good retirement, we all spend most of our days working our butts off in a place that never pays us enough to do what we do : THE OFFICE! From Tokyo to Paris, from New York to London, men and women all find themselves gossiping in front of the coffee machine every morning before starting the long hard working day. Now, for the first time in history, a video game allows you to make fun of all this, to play tricks to your boss or to seduce the cute secretary on the second floor: COFFEE BREAK!

Coffee break is a company life simulation with attitude. All your colleagues have different personalities and you must develop a good relationship with them all if you want to succeed in your different tasks. What are these tasks? Oh nothing more than avoiding being caught whilst robbing the company money, trying not to go to a very important (but so boring) meeting, finding a way to calm down a very upset client you did not deliver for, etc. Basically, all things that happen everyday in every company around the world! Do your job, blame


  • The workplace: a unique universe seldom used in video games where billion of people go everyday and spend most of their lives.

  • The life sim genre: the number one genre in the world with over 35 millions games sold in the last 5 years!

  • The coffee break: a special moment (and place) in the life of all workers in the world. Remove the coffee machine and all companies stop doing business!

  • Unique gameplay: perform all kinds of bad tricks to achieve your goals...but all in a very humorous way. Fun, fun, fun!

  • 2 Playable characters and many other characters all with their own personality. Every player will recognize himself or some of his co-workers!

  • Manage your relationship with each of your co-workers. Make friends or enemies. Be nice or bad. Whatever you need to be to achieve your goals!

  • 2 game modes:

    Story: over 14 full missions to complete your main goal i.e not to be fired.

    Dirty tricks contest: do as many bad actions as you can do!