C.L.A.Y. The Last Redemption is a story-driven role playing game set in a post-post-apocalyptic city. You are the Scion of your tribe, and soon you will be chieftain. Prove yourself to the Elders; lead your crew; build your character and uncover the secret stories of the living city you call home.Create your ScionCreate your own Scion by balancing the three attributes of a future chieftain: Warchief, Pactmaker and Trickster. What kind of leader will you be?Form a CrewNo-one goes into the City alone: form a crew consisting of Tribesmen, Warriors, Clayworkers and Shamans, as well as your own permanent Companions, each with their own stories and destinies.Explore a unique post-apocalyptic cityThe City you call home is unlike any other city in the world, but you wouldn't know: your tribe has been trapped inside it since the world came to an end. Controlled by some unknown, often malevolent force, the City is ever-changing, demolishing and rebuilding itself following logic only the Shamans can follow. To survive, you will need to learn to interpret its secrets.Scavenging and CraftingScavenge for food and clay, avoid danger or meet it head-on, and use every resource you can to give yourself an advantage against the mounting threat of the City and its army of Hunter-Killer drones.A branching narrativeThe story spans the whole City, and every decision you make can change the fate of your people, and yourself.