Experience a game of epic proportions where players can match wits against the greatest leaders of the world in an all-out quest to build the ultimate empire. This highly addictive journey of discovery includes exciting new features that build on and enrich the Civilization experience. Now there are new ways to win, new pathways to explore, strategies to employ and more powerful tools to build and manage.


  • More interactions, alliances and realistic artificial intelligence responses put players in the middle of negotiations, trade systems and diplomatic actions. Advanced trade system to manage resources, trade routes and spread of technology.

  • Improved combat options provide finer levels of control for enhanced war-making capabilities.

  • Technologies, Wonders Of The World and Great People expand the scope of the game.

  • New elements of Culture, Nationality and the Arts help players plan a new peaceful pathway to victory.

  • Active world generator creates more realistic maps and organic terrain features.

  • The most detailed and beautiful art, animations and sound ever found in the genre.

  • Easier-to-use interface for streamlined management and better control.